Novell has Linux on the brain

Samstag 2. April 2005 von Administrator

Phil Hochmuth, Computerworld

31/03/2005 15:51:13

Novell at its annual conference last week unveiled plans for several Linux-based enterprise management tools. The announcements – a network management suite, an office productivity server and GroupWise on Linux – are further examples Novell’s deeper integration of its SuSE Linux platform with Novell’s previous enterprise products.

BrainShare, Novell’s annual shindig in Utah, was once the pinnacle NetWare event of the year. But since Novell’s plunge into Linux with its SuSE and Ximinan acquisitions, Linux news has begun to grab more attention at the show.

Novell announced its ZENworks 7 Suite software, which allows system administrators to manage a network of Windows-based client machines with a SuSE Linux server. This software will allow administrators to distribute applications and other software to Windows PCs from a SuSE Linux server. Also, users will be able to store an entire copy of a corporate-standard Windows PC operating system on a SuSE/ZENworks 7 and download that image to machines as necessary.

On the productivity front, Novell announced its Small Business Suite for Linux, which packages network security and management software onto a SuSE Linux server. A SuSE desktop Linux package is also included in the product, which is aimed at setting up an IT infrastructure in a small company very quickly.

Novell said it will also bundle its GroupWise e-mail and collaboration server with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. This will allow both Windows and Linux PCs to access a centralized e-mail, calendaring and project collaboration suite.

The SuSE-based ZENworks 7 Suite will be available in the second quarter with pricing to be announced at the time of the release. GroupWise on SuSE Linux will also be released this summer with pricing to be determined. The Small Business Suite for Linux will be available this month starting at $475 per user.

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